'Dust' was specially made for 'Domestic Appliance' an exhibition of kinetic art with a domestic theme at Flowers east, London from August the 1st to September 13th 2008.

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'Humorous respite came in the form of Jim Bond's 'Dust'. With this piece a never ending dance was played out between an electro magnet that attracted iron filings, quietly moved forward and then dropped them before it's partner, a brush, opposite. The brush then, rather pointedly, sweeped the filings back over to the side of the table the magnet resided on. Like two siblings quietly tormenting each other, this piece had me reminiscing about my own petty sibling squabbles.'

Amelia's Magazine

Location : Flowers East

Materials - Steel, Motors, Programme Logic Controller, Electro Magnet, Ferrite Powder, Brush

Size :2000 X 1600 mm

Atomised Bass Treble Pin Drop Blink
Steel Head 1


All images copyright of Jim Bond & John Coombes